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Drywall Repair in Charlotte, NC

BL Handyman Service and Remodeling is a professional contractor that offers sheetrock and drywall repair, framing, ceiling repair, gypsum board finishing, sanding, and painting. 

We are proud to serve the Charlotte, NC and Mecklenburg County area with home renovation and remodeling needs as well as handyman services. We are proud of our reputation as well as our 5-star reviews from our valued customers. 

Drywall Repair Services




If you are looking for drywall repair, BL Handyman Service and Remodeling specialize in drywall repair services, finishing, sanding, and painting to make your wall or ceiling look new again. With over 25 years of sheetrock repair experience, we are confident that we can take care of any repair, no matter our large or small. 

Drywall repair can be a messy proposition; there are thousands of tiny pieces of drywall, and many of them have little hooks attached to them. When one gets up tired of moving the small pieces around, he or she might just start replacing the pieces one by one. It could take days, or even weeks, to replace all the pieces. That’s why many homeowners prefer to let a drywall company replace the drywall for them or manage the repairs.

cornerbead on wall repaired by handyman

Replacing the gypsum board is not the only step in our sheetrock repairs. We also take special care in applying the compound joint tape evenly and spread the compound out in a thin and smooth layer so that no one will ever notice the repair. 

The other main part of repairing drywall repair is finding the appropriate replacement hardware. If the hardware store does not have what you need, then they can either order it or have you try and match it with what you already have. It may be hard to find the exact replacement hardware that you need, especially if your home has had an extensive amount of damage over time. However, the hardware store will most likely have a lot of extra pieces that are used on a regular basis and might be able to find what you need.

Sometimes when needing repair work for sheetrock, you also need to repair the studs or wooden joists. Usually, you would have to call another contractor to come out, but we also offer carpentry services as well as remodeling services so we can take care of all out it, no matter what the scope of the project is. 

electrician repairing home

Drywall repair can be accomplished by many different professionals, but only a few are able to do so expertly and quickly. That is why we at BL Handyman Service and remodeling pride ourselves in our work. There are the right things to do to repair drywall that damage, and not do so too easily to a new home, or to homebuyers, renters, or guests.

The main parts of the drywall repair process are the joint compound, sand, paint, scraper, masking tape, and caulk. The joint compound is the magic substance that makes everything stick together. It’s the substance that holds everything together and makes sure there’s no space between the pieces of drywall. Without the joint compound, the repair patch would simply be bits of wood and plaster with little lumps in them.

Another key component of drywall repair is making the hole as smooth as possible. Sometimes the repair holes are rough and not smooth, and this makes the repair more difficult. The less smooth the hole is, the easier the rest of the process will be.

photo of hole in ceiling that needs to be repaired

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