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TV Wall Mount Installation in Charlotte, NC

BL Handyman Service and Remodeling is a professional contractor that offers flatscreen television wall mounting installation services. 

We are proud to serve the Charlotte, NC and Mecklenburg County area with home renovation and remodeling needs as well as handyman services. We are proud of our reputation as well as our 5-star reviews from our valued customers. 

TV Wall Mounting Services




In the world of flat screen televisions, TV mounting service is something that is necessary. Unfortunately, you cannot just install your flat screen TV on any flat surface you like. Normal walls and ceilings are not meant to hold that kind of weight on their own. This is why many people choose to contact BL Handyman Service and Remodeling to have their televisions anchored into a wooden stud behind the wall. This makes sure your television is not going anywhere!

 Flat screen mounting services are the only way to go if you want to hang a flat screen TV if you want the peace of mind. 





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The stud may be one the wall for the weight bearing responsibilities or else it could be somewhere hidden like in the ceiling. To get the proper installation, you should hire a professional to ensure that the TV bracket is installed properly. You do not want your TV to come crashing down because the mounting system was faulty.


The second type of TV mounting service is the quick release TV mounting system. This system requires that the TV mounting bracket be released from the wall at a certain angle. Sometimes this angle varies, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, but it is usually not more than 30 degrees. With this system, you will need a professional to install the bracket correctly. It will take a bit more work, but it will be much safer than the quick connect brackets.


Installing a TV bracket on your own might seem like a good idea, especially if you are not experienced with electrical work. You could try to hang a television by hand, using screws and bolts. However, most televisions come with the proper screws and bolts already included in their packaging. A less experienced person might find it difficult to assemble the brackets, and it could prove to be quite dangerous if a cable is attached to the bracket incorrectly.


If you choose to use our professional TV mounting service, you will be guaranteed quality work. Our professionals will ensure that the TV comes with the proper screws and bolts, and that the bracket is installed properly. Some of the companies that offer these types of services also have mobile units that can help you to install the TV on your own. Many of these companies can also provide mobile electrical work as well, should your home need electrical wiring.



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